1997 Harley Davidson Heritage Canepa Design

Disassembled and completely redesigned and rebuilt to resemble a customized 1940’s – 1950’s motorcycle. Every single component was modified or customized to enhance the old school theme. The result is a perfect blend of modern performance and handling combined with the look of 1950’s custom.

Complete Work Performed

• Grind smooth all joints, seams, castings, etc.
• Grind and reweld entire frame at all joints.
• Cut excess casting stem from top side of neck. Reshape top upper and lower area of steering head casting.
• Remove oil tank brackets and coil bracket (on center post), voltage regulator & clutch cable brackets (front frame tubes), etc.
• Remove misc. tabs, brackets, etc.
• Reshape seat bracket casting.
• Reshape swing arm tube-to-casting transition, brake caliper support, etc.
• Mold entire frame and swing arm.

• Install Crane cam, Mikuni carburetor, Screaming Eagle ignition and air filter assembly. Coat heads, intake manifold, cylinders and engine cases mat black.
• Install “Panhead” style rocker boxes.
• Powder coat (gloss black) inner and outer primary, nose cone and transmission bezel and side cover.
• Back cut trans gears.
• Fabricate custom coil brackiet and cover.
• Install “Nostalgia” air cleaner bell, primary derby and nose cone cover.

• Modify front Springer assembly “Lower 1″, Relocate wiring and brake hose. Internalize wiring harnesses, lightbar wiring, etc. Weld up misc. holes, grind and detail casting marks, etc.
• Custom machine new handlebar riser inserts for internal wiring.
• Design and fabricate new horn bracket.
• Reshape front fender leading edge and add rear edge of fender lower skirt. Weld fender lite wire hole and relocate.
• Design and build new wheels including .240 polished stainless steel spokes & nipples with custom machined hubs and custom painted rims.
• Machine smooth stainless steel brake rotors.
• Custom machine smooth aluminum belt pulley.
• Relocate gas tank fuel crossover tubes. Reshape and metal finish gas tank sides to accommodate recessed HD emblem. Mold lower gas tank brackets. Reshape front inner edge of gas tanks. (Eliminate excess void).
• Install internal throttle cables in handlebars including necessary fabrication and machine work.
• Install internal wiring wherever possible.
• Reshape floorboard bases- (nostalgia footboard assemblies) shape, file, finish and powder coat (satin black) bases.
• Machine license bracket with recessed area for cut-down rear license plate.
• Install custom fit left and right turn signal assemblies (rear).
• Re-upholster seat inserts with Connolly leather.
• Modify brake pedal for round foot pad.
• Fabricate custom designed master cylinder cover.
• Machine trans cover surface (remove ribs) and reshape backing plate.
• Machine trans cover surface (remove ribs) and reshape backing plate.
• Relocate voltage regulator to inside rear fender splash guard.
• Fabricate custom machined exhaust shield bungs and weld into exhaust pipes as needed. Fasten exhaust shields with stainless allen bolts.
• Modify exhaust brackets. Weld caps on open ends of tubing, grind and detail welds, etc.
• Custom fit relocated coil and fabricated cover.
• Install Pingel fuel shutoff, new fuel lines, etc.
• Design and fabricate custom gas tank lower mounting bracket (attached to frame).
• Design and fabricate hidden oil tank brackets. Grind and mold oil tank all around.
• Modify rear axle for matching (narrow) axle covers.
• Custom fit console- trim front edge- paint sides black and install black leather cover.
• Install oil tank nostalgia temp gauge.
• Install nostalgia style round mirrors.
• Install custom fabricated bicycle style “nostalgia” handlebars and grips.
• Install recessed stainless allen bolt rear axle adjusters.
• Relocate choke to backside of air cleaner.
• Remove seat back frame tabs -re-design to fit underside of seat.
• Replace passing lamps with amber seal beams wired for turn signals.
• Reshape kickstand base and fabricate new hidden spring tab.
• Install modified Harley-Davidson free-flow muffler and shark fin tips.
• Install Michelin Commander Tires- MT90/B16” front and 150/18-16” rear.
• Install Progressive rear suspension components – lower 1”.
• Remove fringe from saddlebags, seat, etc.
• Install braided leather on clutch and brake levers.
• Install new hardware throughout including polished stainless allen bolts, acorn nuts, washers, etc.
• Install H-D belt covers, foot peg covers, axle covers, inserts, etc., etc.
• Custom paint-oil tank, floor board bases, wheel rims, front and rear fenders, gas tanks, etc. (birch white with black scallops and red pin striping).
• Paint gloss black- frame, swing arm, headlight bezel, rear shock assemblies, etc.
• Chrome plate-handlebars, risers, lamps & brackets, spring assembly, belt pulley, rocker boxes, exhaust assembly, license bracket, tail lamps, belt covers, kickstand, primary covers, brake caliper assemblies, fender struts, shifter components, horn assembly, clutch and brake controls, master cylinder, oil filter housing and lines, trans cover, oil pump, exhaust brackets, floorboard base brackets, gas caps, gas tank bracket, misc. hardware brackets, etc.
• Polish- front and rear stainless brake rotors, stainless steel spokes & nipples, stainless steel hardware, etc.


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