Concept-E By DAB Motors

The CONCEPT-E embodies the product vision of emerging motorcycle manufacturer DAB Motors. This style driven approach of electric motorcycle aims to define the future of a long journey of combustion engines. DAB Motors explore and design a holistic solution for the boldest urban riders.

Designed as an object, not just a traditional motorcycle. Designers and engineers studied the assembly of the materials for the swingarm and dashboard, to elegantly integrate the cables.

Equipped with a 10kW motor and 51.8V Li-ion battery, the CONCEPT-E is the legal equivalent to a 125cc; easily driven after a few hours of training. The beauty of the CONCEPT-E electric machine is its driving comfort and intuitive use, combined with its powerful instant torque which propels you through the streets, almost silently.

You don’t need much when you use the best. In pursuit of excellence, DAB Motors have incorporated: carbon fibre; Öhlins suspensions designed specifically for the project; Beringer CNC aluminium brakes; and a Gates belt drive, running on aluminium machined pulleys, to maximize power and minimize noise.

CONCEPT-E ‘s design is based on two key dynamics: the horizontal line bringing simplicity, and the oblique line, which perpetuates DAB Motors’s iconic “flying back” form, giving an impression of speed and lightness at the rear of the motorcycle.


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