British Vintage Boxing

British Vintage Boxing explores the intersection between vintage and modern, style and function, creating garments that are everyday yet aspirational. Where old-school boxing gym meets sartorial cross-over into affordable, luxury casual wear.

BVB champion integrity, courage, brotherhood and the journey to personal triumph like the great champions of past, distilling these values into a single voice, British Vintage Boxing.

Central to the brand’s DNA is the legacy of British boxing hero, Sir Henry Cooper, remembered for his contest with Muhammad Ali in 1963 yet more widely appreciated for his geniality and generosity. Partnering with his estate since 2017, they honour and celebrate this gentleman for his effortless style, dignity and embodiment of the noble art.

Together they reinvigorate a golden era, leaning back on the simple retro aesthetics of the 1950’s and 60’s, blended forward into modernity with BVB’s signature graphic style and design.


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