Created By Motorelic: Ascot

Motorelic modified this Honda into a stunning eye-catcher. Hardly no part remained untouched. The tasteful bike is one of the best bike we have ever seen. Check out the gallery below!

TS250 Tank:
The heart of this transformation is the TS250 tank. This essential part of the bike has likely been expertly restored or replaced, giving it a fresh lease on life. The tank not only serves a functional purpose but also sets the tone for the entire bike’s aesthetic.

Aluminum Tail, Front Plate, & Headlight:
The inclusion of aluminum tail, front plate, and headlight components speaks volumes about the attention to detail in this custom project. Aluminum not only offers a lightweight advantage but also exudes a modern and sleek appearance, adding a touch of sophistication to the bike.

Stock Wheels:
The decision to retain the stock wheels is a testament to the belief that some classics need no improvement. Stock wheels often possess a timeless design and functionality that can stand the test of time.

Shinko Tires:
Tires are a crucial part of any motorcycle’s performance, and Shinko is a brand known for its quality and reliability. Upgrading to Shinko tires likely enhances grip and stability, ensuring a safe and enjoyable ride on various terrains.

Motorelic Custom Exhaust with Universal Muffler:
The custom exhaust system is where the heart of this bike’s personality truly shines. Motorelic is renowned for crafting exhausts that not only improve performance but also produce a distinctive and soul-stirring sound. The universal muffler adds an element of versatility to this masterpiece.

Shorai Battery:
Upgrading to a Shorai battery is a nod to improved electrical reliability. These batteries are designed to be lightweight, powerful, and long-lasting, ensuring that the bike starts up without a hitch and stays powered on for the journey ahead.

Universal Air Filter:
A universal air filter is often a performance upgrade that allows for better airflow to the engine, potentially boosting power and efficiency. This modification ensures that the bike breathes easy, providing an optimal riding experience.

Paint by Homeward Bound Cycles:
The choice of paint and graphics can make or break a custom motorcycle, and in this case, the masterstroke was entrusted to Homeward Bound Cycles. Their work likely transformed the bike into a visual masterpiece, with colors and designs that reflect the owner’s personal style.

Photos by Nubbs Sugrue:
Capturing the essence of this remarkable transformation is the talented photographer Nubbs Sugrue. His photos are more than just documentation; they’re a visual narrative, telling the story of the bike’s evolution and its rider’s passion.

In the world of custom motorcycles, every component, from the tank to the tires, contributes to a bike’s unique personality. This  machine; it’s a work of art, a testament to the dedication of its owner and the expertise of those who contributed to its transformation. It stands as a rolling testament to the beauty of motorcycling and the joy of creating something truly extraordinary on two wheels.


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Photos By Nubbs Sugrue

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