Titanium Heritage 1971 Spitfire By CCM Motorcycles

Titanium (Ti) is the Connoisseur’s Choice – a remarkable material; unparalleled strength-to-weight, superior fatigue life and impact resistance and a natural coating of Titanium Dioxide ensures that it will never succumb to rust, decay or corrosion.

However, this is just one element of the exclusive components that create this Heritage ‘71 Ti Model. As you gaze beyond the lustrous spars of this Super lightweight 3Al/2.5V CWSR Aerospace grade Titanium frame, your attention is instantly drawn to the Bespoke 7 Spoke Dymag race wheels, specially commissioned and optimized to shave 6kg off the unsprung weight.

Complimenting the light-weighting philosophy, unique Raptor Titanium footpegs, a Ti Bolt Kit and QD Racing Full Titanium Exhaust System, handmade in 64 individually welded sections – reinforce the intent of this motorcycle. A new Adaptive Cornering LED headlight illuminates the way and, as if this bike needed to attract any more attention, illuminated or not, it’s a real crowd-pleaser. Direction of travel provided care of new LED Sequential Multifunctional Indicators.

The riding position is classic CCM, relaxed but ready for fun, with a classic single saddle, trimmed with the finest semi-aniline hide in Beluga with contrasting gold perforations, sitting atop a solid aircraft-grade machined block of aluminium, bearing the signature of the original master bike builder himself, the late Alan Clews and precious enamel heritage CCM identity.


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