Handmade: Hedon Workshop

Based in London, a small and humble company began more than a decade ago. Allow them to introduce you to the Founders of their beloved brand, husband and wife, Reginald Flint and Lindsay Chong. In 2013, they established Hedon, but their journey actually started back in 2011 when they embarked on this remarkable project. Let them take you on a journey into what goes into making their helmets.

Before delving into the details, a brief background about the beloved Founders. Leading the way is Reginald Flint, an accomplished Managing Director with extensive knowledge in helmet manufacturing. His expertise was honed during his tenure with prominent helmet brands in the industry. Reginald often felt he could create a superior product compared to the ones he was responsible for developing and overseeing.

His technical know-how, gained from working in the factories and safety labs, coupled with his desire to create a better-looking and overall improved helmet, led him to meet Lindsay, the Co-Founder and Creative Everything Director. Lindsay, with a decade of experience in Product and Graphic Design, shared the same hunger for creating something of her own. She was tired of conforming to clients’ briefs and visions and sought to create beautiful things she was truly passionate about, without relying on anyone else’s approval. Another 10 years has passed, and the world she has created is one they all enjoy. Their partnership was a perfect match, and it was Lindsay’s brother, Nicky, who coined a memorable phrase that continues to be used today.


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