The Malle Mile 2024 – Tenth Anniversary!

Who would have thought that when a handful of friends, all brought together for the love of 2 wheels, gathered in a rather beautiful secret and very inappropriate location on the lawn of a manor house in South London, that Malle London would be welcoming those friends, along with a few friends of those friends to Malle Mile Festival at Grimsthorpe Castle 10 years later!

What a journey it’s been. So many magical moments, so many motorcycles, phenomenal music, art, more racing then ever imaginable and memories to last a lifetime!

Malle London couldn’t be more proud to welcome you all through the gates of the beautiful Grimsthorpe Castle for another very special weekend, packed to the brim with as much fun as they could think of. The Mile is all about what the people and partners bring to it, so below are some of the ways you can get involved in The Malle Mile 2024… Our Tenth Anniversary!!!

Malle London look forward to creating more magical memories together.
18TH – 21ST OF JULY, 2024


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