Prage ZS 800

The ZS 800 is an evolution of one of the most successful, classic Czechoslovak machines, the 1928 Praga BD 500. Today, a unique combination of advanced engineering technology and classic design details have formed a one-of-a-kind machine bringing an iconic heritage into the modern world.


Cutting-Edge Solution

The state-of-the-art technology enables to create a production motorcycle featuring unique wheels and integrated hydraulic drum brake. Forged carbon wheels with carbon tensioned spokes, together with a fully hydraulic drum brake system, make the motorcycle even more astonishing.

Technological Perfection

The sculpted girder front fork is the jewel in the crown of the ZS 800 and an exercise in master craftsmanship, utilising 5-axis machining with everything made from the finest 25CrMo steel. Incorporating a fully adjustable Öhlins suspension unit, with titanium spring, it all works in harmony to produce an eye-catching front, and deliver a poised and a riding experience to stir the soul.

Art Of Engineering

A combination of elegant engineering and creativity has ensured the team surmounted any production challenge they faced. One such innovation is the 11.5L fuel tank that forms a structural part of the frame, saving a huge amount of weight. Unwilling to compromise the aesthetic, the tank has been embellished with a forged carbon cover to preserve the beauty of the bike.

Premium Materials

Exceptional quality materials such as duralumin alloys, the finest chromoly steel, forged carbon and titanium feature throughout the design. Titanium takes centre stage, with screws, axle, nut and bolt of the chassis and engine are made from the material. Not to mention the fully titanium exhaust system containing multiple 3D-printed titanium elements. For the majority of the motorcycle is manufactured by 5-axis machining, requiring more than 300 hours of production machine time per bike.


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