Royal Enfield X Wheels and Waves

Royal Enfield is proud to announce its official participation and activation for the 13th Edition of the iconic Wheels and Waves Festival.

Widely considered to be one of the best custom and lifestyle motorcycle shows in the world – Wheels
and Waves brings motorcycle enthusiasts from all over the world to the picturesque Basque Country location, to experience a truly unique celebration of all things of motorcycle, skateboard and surf culture. Royal Enfield and Wheels and Waves have a long history of partnership and collaboration, both sharing a similar ethos for curating authentic experiences and a strong desire to bring people together and to share a passion for all things ‘pure motorcycling’ – both on and off the machine.

As ever, Royal Enfield will be putting community activation at the heart of everything it does at Wheels and Waves 2024 – with a number of different community rides, gatherings and events that seek to bring riders and enthusiasts together once again.



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