SCHIZZO Concept Bikes By WalzWerk Motorcycles

The SCHIZZO® Concept Bikes have been a fast-growing and highly successful division of WalzWerk Motorcycles® for several years now. Marcus Walz developed this unique concept as early as 2013 and then realized in 2014 the production of the first SCHIZZO® prototype. Since then, the concept has been continuously revised, improved and optimized over the years.

Today, WalzWerk Motorcycles® is the world leader in this industry, with an export rate of more than 50%. Based on old 2-valve BMW’s from the 80s / 90s, Marcus developed a kind of modular kit, with the one and the same motorcycle model can realize several styles: Scrambler, Roadster, Cafe Racer or Bobber.

Every single SCHIZZO® starts its life in WalzWerk Motorcycles’s® manufactory in the form of an original BMW R80 or R100. For this they basically use 3 different models, which they meanwhile buy throughout Europe: BMW Monolever, Twin Shock and Paralever models. It takes about 120 hours of hard work, to transform a stock R80/R100 into a genuine and unique SCHIZZO®.

WalzWerk Motorcycles® are currently building around 50 SCHIZZO® per year. Of these, around 80% are based on a Monolever model (1984-1995), about 10% on the slightly older Twin Shock models (1976-1984) and another 10% (with increasing tendency) on the slightly more modern Paralever models (1991-1996) , Which model they finally use for each SCHIZZO®, decided solely the preference of the respective customer and the desired style.


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