Custom Harley-Davidson XR883 By Gasoline Motor Co.

This particular Harley-Davidson XR883 custom motorcycle was skillfully crafted by the talented team at Gasoline Motor Co. in Sydney, Australia. Drawing inspiration from the iconic XR750, a dominant force in flat track racing for several decades, this custom build captures its distinctive style.

Both the original XR750 and this XR883 variant are renowned for their agility and relatively lightweight, making them a joy to ride. Whether you’re tearing up a dirt oval or maneuvering through busy morning traffic, these motorcycles deliver an exhilarating experience.

Here are some noteworthy details about this custom Harley-Davidson XR883:

  • The development of the Harley-Davidson XR750 was prompted by the evolving regulations of AMA Grand National Championship Class C for flat track racing in the United States. Previously, overhead valve engines were limited to 500cc, while flathead (side valve) engines could be enlarged up to 750cc.
  • Despite its dated side valve design, the Harley-Davidson KR 750 had dominated the series for years under these regulations. However, with the rule changes scheduled for 1969, Harley-Davidson urgently required a competitive overhead valve 750cc engine.
  • To address this challenge, they adapted the Sportster model by reducing the engine displacement from 900cc to 750cc and focusing on enhancing its power output. The frame from the KR-series was repurposed for this purpose, and the bike made its debut in 1970. The XR750 went on to become the most successful motorcycle in flat track history.

In recent times, enthusiasts have embraced the concept of building road-legal custom motorcycles that draw inspiration from the original XR750. These motorcycles, often referred to as “Street Trackers,” typically utilize Sportster engines with varying displacements.


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