Scram Africa 2024 By Fuel Motorcycles

Prepare to embark on the next thrilling chapter of adventure – Scram Africa 2024!In a world where pioneers once crossed deserts and mountains with limited resources, Fuel Motorcycle recreating that spirit.

For more than a decade, the Scram Africa has been the pinnacle of adventure for scramblers and custom bike enthusiasts, letting them live the explorer’s dream. And in the upcoming 11th edition. Get ready to join the legacy!

Vehicles Categories

Three different categories are allowed to participate at the Scram Africa 2024.

1. SCRAMBLERS & CUSTOMIZED BIKES. Any customized bike will be allowed to participate (no matter which), and also any scrambler bike (old or new) as Triumph Scrambler, Ducati Scrambler, or BMW Nine T.

2. 4X4 VEHICLES OVER 30 YEARS OLD OR CUSTOMIZED 4X4 The vehicle should be 4 wheel traction and has to have at least 30 years old, or has to be customized.

3. SIDECARS. Any sidecar of any time or brand is allowed to participate.


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