The Motorcycle: The Definitive Collection of the Haas Moto Museum

Featuring more than 350 glorious images of some of the most incredible motorcycles ever made, The Motorcycle celebrates and showcases these beautiful machines as the pieces of fine art that they are.

The Haas Moto Museum in Dallas, Texas, houses a unique world-class collection that spans the history of motorcycles across thirteen decades. From early prototype models that featured a gas tank simply strapped onto a bicycle to today’s radically new designs that push the limits of imagination and technology, more than 230 motorcycles are chronicled here.

Whether the unnamed stars of classic movies such as Akira and Easy Rider or the object of devotion in the lives of riders and collectors, the motorcycle has been a symbol of freedom throughout pop culture. The Motorcycle celebrates these iconic machines in this beautifully curated monography with sleek images and accompanying essays from the world-class Haas Moto Museum.

In addition to showing the evolution of motorcycles from 1899 to present day, this official museum monograph features 60 custom motorcycles– many of which were commissioned for the collection– from prize-winning builders from around the world including Mitsuhiro Kiyonaga, Maxwell Hazan, Jay Donovan, Cristian Sosa, and Craig Rodsmith.


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