Art Of Ride By Wheels And Waves

Be invited on an initiatory journey along the paths traced by the pioneers of this artistic expression, such as Gustave Le Gray and Félix Tournachon, also known as “Nadar,” who experimented with it.

In the realms of both photography and vintage vehicles, some are “vintage,” while others are modern. Passionate about 19th-century photographic techniques,  the original wet collodion process, a technique that allowed for extremely detailed images in the mid-19th century are used. These black and white shots with infinite nuances evoke an immediate flashback to the past and release a emotional charge as unique as it is unpredictable.

“It’s a kind of journey back in time. Collodion takes us back to the origins of photography.”

Creating a timeless piece of great intensity featuring an engine or a character is a genuine challenge that has become a passion. The book can be located at the crossroads between painting, sculpture, and photography. Each photograph requires time and patience from both the photographer and the model. From these hours of painstaking work, the photographer has no guarantee of success, but the small imperfections and sometimes unpredictable results of collodion plates add to the charm of these unique art pieces. In this project, each photographic plate tells a story, meant to be shared. That’s the power of photography—not just to record, capture, crush, but to remember those we’ve met, those we’ve loved, and the moments shared.

Everybody loves cars, motorcycles with character, and those who build them from spare parts like puzzles; they are truly works of art. Beyond the logistical challenge, this diverse tribute that created with this primitive technique underscores the intangible connection between my subjects and the ephemeral nature of the moment.

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