Type 17 By Auto Fabrica

Type 17 is an exercise in automotive design, the brief from the client was to create something unique and thought provoking.

It’s the first time Auto Fabrica executed the seat cover concept which they have had in the arsenal for a while, Auto Fabrica wanted to create a interior/exterior dimension to the bike. They are really pleased with the final result and  will be continuing this ideation onto a electric enduro concept which they are working on

  • Model : BMW G450X
  • Frame : De-Lugged
  • Engine : Switachble Map
  • Electrics: Custom front headlights with custom rear integrated tail light
  • Exhaust: Hand bent steel exhaust
  • Suspension : Ohlins rear Shock
  • Colour + Trim : Yellow/White


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more information: autofabrica.com