ARES Modena BMW R Nine-T “Bullet”

While genuine classic bikes certainly have a place in the automotive landscape, many owners would rather have the classic look but with modern turn-key reliability and safety systems. Thanks to ARES Modena’s talented engineers, it’s now possible to have a retro-themed bike but without the concerns of unreliability and the spectre of breaking down by the roadside.

ARES Modena currently has three ultra-desirable machines to choose from, and like all its conversions, these bikes use a mix of modern and traditional technologies to ensure the best in aesthetics and riding experience.

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Through the use of hand-crafted carbon fibre for items such as the fuel tank cover and aluminium for the engine covers, as well as handlebars, ARES Modena’s modified bikes not only look the part but perform with all the verve and panache expected from a modern bike.

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