Night Moves By Purpose Built Moto

What does it feel like to break away? Night Moves was a project that allowed them to share how they feel. Regardless of what’s going on in their lives, they turn that key, stick the helmet on, and leave their stress in the dust.

Purpose Built Moto often shared photos, videos, and stories about the bikes they built but didn’t often delve into the reasons behind their builds. The Ducati GT1000 was a project that, when completed, felt right to them. It featured the right colors, emitted the right sounds, and when they hopped on it for the test ride, their heads went quiet except for the feeling of pure joy while rolling in 3rd gear. It was in those couple of seconds, in that moment, that they all found peace as riders. This served as the inspiration for Night Moves.

It’s often that he would return from a decent ride and feel better about life in general. Many riders shared that same feeling, yet they all struggled to put that sensation into words. Collaborating with the team on the short film enabled them to translate their feelings into words, then into ideas, and eventually into moving images that shaped a brief narrative about a man going for a ride to grab a donut and clear his head. It might seem simple, but for those who rode, they knew that life wouldn’t be as bearable without the ability to go out and get behind the handlebars.

At the end of the day, when people asked him why they did what they did, the answer was hard to put into words. “Night Moves” was an attempt to capture that feeling in a format they could share with others.

The project was developed with Brandon from Ninefivers behind the camera and Tristan on secondary, and together they created a story to immerse the viewer. They encouraged everyone to turn the volume up and enjoy.


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